[HD] Sheryl Crow, Doyle Bramhall II – “Sideways” (Live)

Pantages Theater
Hollywood, California, USA
November 2011

From “Miles from Memphis, Live at Pantages Theater” Blu-Ray

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  1. OMG!! Beautiful song, beautiful duet!! Thanks for sharing this special moment. Can´t wait to get my DVD.

  2. Waiting mine too, it will be around 1 month to arrive in my country!!!

    Hardly waiting…

    ♥ ~~~You know it ain’t easy

    for these thoughts here to leave me…

    There’s no words to describe it

    in French or in English…~~~ ♥

  3. oh yeah.

  4. damn I was waiting for Doyle to play the santana part a little, oh well…still a great cover!!

  5. I am so sad that Doyle Bramhall II has seemed content, for most of his career, to be a sideman-a back-up vocalist/guitarist for so many other artists. I have nothing against Sheryl. I just feel robbed of DB II’s solo talent : (

  6. no reason why he can’t do both.

  7. Wow. Even better than the record.

  8. informacionceleste

    what a great interpretation from both of them!!!!!
    fell in love with it.

  9. Man, this is a DAMN good cover

  10. WHy did Doyle even have his guitar on for this number..?

  11. Absolutely beautiful cover. Sheryl Crow has such an amazing voice and adds a beautiful sadness that really brings life to the song. Love it

  12. HE is FINE ! Lucky her !

  13. ah… man!! nice, nice…

  14. Is this song a cover?

  15. Hey.. is that Ephraim Owens on the trumpet???

  16. You can tell these two are in love.

  17. Just heard this song for the first time… I love it! Whoever says Sheryl Crow is not soulful is out of their minds!!!

  18. Revolution1117

    “Miles Form Memphis” with Doyle Bramhall II is without a doubt the best thing she’s done in years. Good going, Sheryl!

    • @Revolution1117 absolutely could not agree more. I was only recently introduced to Doyle’s music, and the pairing with Sheryl is so perfect

  19. scienceisgod1

    Doyle’s voice has got some serious soul! That’s a great version of the song.

  20. Alexandre Luis Moreira Pires

    Sheryl… the sweet voice!

  21. what a beauty <3<3

  22. This is a sexy version big ups to Sheryl

  23. Great Citizen Cope cover!! Awesome band!!!

  24. cacaovanhouten

    I wish Sheryl had worked on a second album with this band – they were awesome. Hope she hooks up with them again.

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