[HD] Sheryl Crow, Doyle Bramhall II – “Redemption Day” (Live)

From “Miles from Memphis, Live af Pantages Theater” Blu-Ray

Posted on June 13, 2011, in 2010, redemption day. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. power!!

  2. The best.

  3. This performance is epic. I thought it couldn’t get better than the ‘C’mon America’ DVD, but this is just so awesome… She really has made justice to the song.

  4. Awesomely perfect!!!

  5. I Love It!!!! this DVD is definitely perfect!

  6. Simply, ‘Perfection’. Such a hauntingly beautiful song…and a brilliant live performance. Sheryl is quite the story teller. Love this so much. Thank you for uploading it.

  7. sinclairthefair

    Her 90s stuff is unrivalled. What happened Sheryl 😦

  8. awesome! the best version so far!

  9. Now she’s been really trying to make a really political album and Detours really fell flat for me. And it’s sad because her self-titled album was probably the best example of a thought-provoking political/personal album.

  10. effortless…a pure and complete connection with the ”music”….amazing.

  11. Arquitecto Asturias

    Muchas gracias por subir esto tan maravilloso

  12. Sheryl Crow is such sweet redemption!!!

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