Sheryl Crow and the Thieves – “Can’t Cry Anymore” (Live, 2010)

From “Miles from Memphis, Live af Pantages Theater” Blu-Ray

Posted on June 21, 2011, in 2010, can't cry anymore. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. How awesome she is!! I’ve always loved that song, but now I love it even more, hehe. I don’t understand people who just want Tim, Peter and the other folks to come back. Man, these guys are so talented, they rock! It’s not that I don’t miss them, but I think the new folks on the band are as great as Tim, Peter and company are. Thanks a lot for uploading!

  2. Sheryl Crow is our home girl and she rocks hard. Love this woman. From a huge SEMO fan!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO Wish I could see her in concert before I’m dead.

  3. Additional comment – Her band is supremely awesome also!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the horn section and the back up singers, the whole damn band.

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