Sheryl Crow Talks about her Fender Telecasters (2011)

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  1. She’s my sexy bitch.

  2. i like Sheryls Music

  3. wow… not only is a moving story behind… that first tele that a fan gave her in austin is gorgeous

  4. I’ve fancied her and her legs since the 90’s 🙂

  5. My friend saw her at a small festival before she was famous. It was cold and rainy and she gave a great performance anyway. He said she sounded great, and everybody missed out.

    Welp, here she is 😉

  6. She is so over-rated.

  7. id love to Hump her !!!!!

  8. I’ve always found Telecaster necks too small and the fingerboards too narrow. I’m 6’2″, 225lbs though. Great for smallish English rock guitarists, country pussies (JK!) or girls I guess. The sound? Well that’s another matter. Extraordinary!

    I always wanted to build one. Like from Warmoth bits, with a Jackson style neck. Yum!

  9.  Its a free county slick ! free Comments !!!!!!


  11. what a cool , classy woman…i like her raspy unpolished voice

  12. I’ve never been a fan of country or Sheryl Crow, but she’s got quite the taste and product knowledge in equipment

  13. Love this woman! And her Telecasters.

  14. I love this woman and her telecaster too!


    I dont know what is more appealing sheryl crow or her telecasters.

  16. thesjkexperience

    She looks really different to me all of a sudden. Did the camera guy use a short lens? Maybe it’s just that human noses look longer as we get older. Those last two Teles she pulled up you can just see they sound and play well.

    • @thesjkexperience I was thinking just the same. I thought maybe the lighting had cast a different shape on her face, or maybe she just is looking a bit older and more tired than her normal radiant self, now she has two kids running about!

  17. Great mellow rock voice.

  18. A beloved Esquire in Sliver

  19. There are no jokers in poker Sheryl..


    Sheryl Crow has the sexiest mouth ever.

  21. Love the hand movements from 3:07 to 3:12

  22. rinkThunderbird

    Sheryl opened for the BoDeans! How funny is that? In my book Sheryl and Teles are equal. They are both yummy!

  23. She is like a fine wine, the older she gets, the better she gets. She could live to be 100 & still be gorgeous. 😉

  24. My wife.

  25. i dont like tele

  26. peterinfamilyguy

    Lovely guitars! I prefer Schecter’s unusual designs though. Especially the Syn’s.

  27. so nice

  28. Sheryl know guitars!

  29. bashfulbrother

    Her live album is one of my favorite pieces of music. She has this kind of country/rock voices that are very pleasing to the ear. If she isn’t using her red tele anymore I would gladly take it off of her hands.

    I have a friend that spent the last 3 years going through Cancer. Thankfully, they think they got it all and his lasted PSA numbers are clean.
    I have incredible respect for anyone that fights their way out of that horrible condition.
    Big props for Cheryl. Took gut and graciousness.

  30. donottawaguitar

    so nice

  31. rmoraespinto

    And, man… she’s very articulate, very sincere, and what a sexy voice she has when she speaks…

  32. god is this women hot talking about guitars like that

  33. Who doesn’t dig a chicken who plays an Axe….I love her choices of guitars….The Tele, J-200, Hummingbirds, Doves.

  34. VolodyaVolodenka1981

    2:05 – sooo erotic )

  35. How rosewood can sound different to maple is beyond me, I learnt from a very early age that the change in tone would come from different pickups, bridge & saddle type, & what gauge strings you use, as for the rosewood & maple neck thing, it makes not an ounce of difference, I play rosewood because I like the way it feels under my fingers, and it stays looking good, maple wear is not something I like, & rosewood is much faster as it does not have the coating on, that’s my take, so deal with it

    • i read many opinions about both fretboards. In my experience, the guitar equipped with a rosewood fingerboard will produce a focused sound emphasizing the midrange. The maple fingerboard, instead, tends to accentuate the top and bottom frequencies with a dip in midrange. Anyway, It’s always a matter of personal taste.

    • It’s simple. Each wood has a different resonant frequency. Rosewood tends to be warmer sounding. Maple is a harder wood. Rosewood is dense and oily.

  36. And let’s not forget what makes her REALLY cool.. she’s a bass player. 😉

    • Yep. Also, since the late 1990s she recorded vocals while playing her bass (a Fender Precision or a Guild M-85), which usually made it to the final mix along with the original scratch vocal.

  37. I don’t care what anyone says. Fender is like dancing with a person next to you. If you can dance she loves you. If you can’t there is separation. Hence the guitar in the closet or under the bed. It’s love and if you can play a Fender you can smoke a Gibson. The Tele Fender has a big twang to it. I own the Fender Tele Highway 1. Good country axe. I’m a little metal. Get it. I would love to talk to Sheryl Crow just to hear what she would say. What would she say about Les Paul.

  38. She plays an old Guild bass

  39. LaZanzaraReturn

    I love Fender Telecaster….and I love her :)))

  40. God damn she’s hottt!!!

  41. Sheryl is adorable! Doyle Bramhall II is genious!

  42. Opening for The Bodeans…..”It’s good work, if you can get it!”

  43. I’d like to see her jean collection. hey if it makes you happy.

  44. what a beautiful woman, and she plays guitar !

  45. Yes, even if she is a socialist, she’s still a great singer, song-writer, player and beautiful!

  46. I love you, Sheryl , God bless you, always! …

  47. Sheryl is absolutely one hot and sexy woman, I’d drink a gallon of her piss just to lick her puss clean! ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, IN FRONT OF ANYBODY.

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