Sheryl Crow – “Walk On By” (Burt Bacharach & Hal David TV Special)

Burt Bacharach and Hal David: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize
East Room, White House
Washington, DC, USA
9 May 2012

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  1. Nice legs!!!!

  2. Like a fine wine. Gets better with time!!!!!!

  3. sweet! She’s adorable!
    thanx for sharing

  4. Sheryl handled this song so well that she should record it. A lovely performance.

  5. A nice reminder that music can be art!!

  6. michaelvincentaustin

    Crow is a pro and did a superb, true to the original Dionne Warwick version job and paid meticulous attention to the original arrangement. Very nicely done.

  7. Sheryl got started doing session work as a backup. What she doesn’t know about singing isn’t worth knowing. She doesn’t just work within her limitations: she makes you forget about them.

  8. rhealmsofglory

    great voice

  9. She is a true pro, but Dionne and a British singer, Helen Shapiro cannot be beaten.

  10. On further listening, this lady belongs in a playlist alongside Dionne Warwick and Helen Shapiro. This not to slight Cheryl because she is in the company of the Great Aretha Franklin also. Excellent instrumental support also.

  11. She’s terrific here.

  12. I have always liked Sheryl Crow’s voice. And Hal David’s lyrics.

  13. Hal David…..RIP…..he and Burt Bacharach made an incredible team……the lyrics always seemed to match Mr. Bacharach’s wonderful music so well…..

    Credit to Sheryl Crowe for doing an excellent cover of this tune……I didnt think anyone could match Dionne Warwick….but imho, she did……

  14. How can anyone not love this… She is beautiful, so talented and what a voice! Thanks for posting 🙂 very enjoyable.

  15. I love Sheryl Crow, especially how she is telling the Obamas to get out and “Walk on by”

  16. BorneoButterfly

    Love this…thank you Sheryl and thank you mayalifan for posting..

  17. Sheryl did an outstanding job on this great song …

  18. Great !! wish DB II was there with you !!

  19. Her voice is so suited to this style of music..Loe her original music of course, but she does a great cover of this song

  20. JonWBLPhotographer

    nice song

  21. Where is Lance ?

  22. MissHalloween1031


  23. Nervous start but se sang beautifully after that. Great song.

  24. I’m a lifelong muso and imo, that stage would be the scariest ever to play on. She did a nice job.

  25. great job.. Cheryl. Burt there too what a awesome song writer..

  26. The reason this sounds so good is because she doesn’t try to “improve” the song. She just sings the song straight with its incredible arrangement.

  27. Such a multi dimensional singer with incredible beauty and sincerity to match. She has come so far. 😎

  28. Good job, Sheryl!

  29. stunning vocals for a classic song can t stop playing it

  30. Absolutely Outstanding!

  31. Never really cared for Sheryl Crow (OK voice…didn’t like her music)…TIL NOW!!! Perfect voice to sing Burt Bacharach’s songs.

  32. Sheryl Crow, Nora Jones, and Alision Krauss… Three of the best voices in music today…

  33. Daniel L. Phillips

    Sheryl– I liked that.. President Obama did too.. Your cool.. Daniel

  34. I always loved Sherly she is AWESOME! 🙂

  35. Thanks for this! I love Sheryl Crow!

  36. Ages like a fine wine. Stunning performance too. What a goddess.

  37. Christian Norton

    She is such a good singer and hot!!

  38. Wow! She nailed it! Love President Obama’s reaction : )

  39. So whos the guy kissing sheryls hand? The worlds king? he dont even know how to sit properly !

  40. Wow, first time seeing this… this song, love Sheryl, love Dionne! She did a great job with this classic. Thanks so much for posting it.

  41. She did a great job, but I didn’t know she was a commie. Ill never watch another video of hers. Killing our country!

  42. nice song

  43. Cheryl Crow and Burt Bacharach…what a great pairing!


  45. Hey! Not bad considering she’s singing one of the masterpieces of the 45 rpm. Bit like a student having a bash at the Mona Lisa and getting it almost right…

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