Sheryl Crow has a benign brain tumor (CNN – AC360)

Anderson Cooper 360
5 June 2012

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  1. Sheryl! This is when I start Yelling again!Who?Jesus!this is whay I love You and like Your songs so much!Always On Your Side-tto Jesus-whos side are You on anyway-Jesus.I will keep praying&praying&praying.That doesn’t need to be there!You are eating right-staying in shape-an looking Terrific!You have so much fun with Wyatt & Levi-Nifty!If You ever need to talk I’m here!Love and Prayer-Always On Your Side Daniel

  2. oh, no :(

  3. kattenmandvideo

    I hope it’ll stay small and/or can be timely removed, since it’s in the outer layer of the brain. Rotten news, but doesn’t look so bad after hearing what kind of tumor it is. Keep hoping / praying she’ll be here for a long long time soaking up the sun.

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