Sheryl Crow on Johnny Cash and “Redemption Day”

Sheryl Crow will forever be grateful for a rare and coveted honor on her résumé: Johnny Cash recorded one of her songs. The lauded tunesmith got the call from Johnny’s son-in-law, saying that the country icon wanted to record Sheryl’s anti-war song, “Redemption Day.” Johnny recorded his haunting version of the song just three months before he passed away. It is featured on his posthumous album, American VI: Ain’t No Grave.”The conversation, as it unwound, was him really earnestly wanting to know what the song was about and why I had written it,” Sheryl recalls of the conversation that would forever change her career. “If he was going to sing a song, in order for him to embody that song, he wanted to know exactly what the intention of it was. I think that’s one of the reasons that when we hear him, we believe him.”

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  1. Cool stuff. Redemption Day is one of my favorite songs and both Sheryl and Johnny bring it in a way rarely heard in artists these days.

  2. She’s so beautiful

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