…at the recording studio! (August 2012)

Sheryl posted on FB a little vid and some nice pix of the studio recording sessions for her new album.

…at the console…



…playing the Hammond organ…


Recording “Shotgun”

Notice the Beastie Boys country album (Country Mike’s Greatest Hits) on the wall. Adam Yauch gave it to Sheryl some time before he passed away.

By the way, some of the new songs were recorded in May 2012 at 16 Ton Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, as reported in the studio’s website:

Rock legend Sheryl Crow stopped by for a couple of days in May to work on some new tunes and it was a blast. Sheryl is a shoe in for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame somewhere down the road but in the here and now, she’s still making some great music…no news flash there, huh?

Known for classic tunes like, “All I Wanna Do”, “My Favorite Mistake”, and “Steve McQueen” to name a few, Sheryl is one of the finest writer/performers in the world. It was truly a pleasure to have her here at 16 Ton Studios for a few days.

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  1. NEW SONG!!!!! YEAH!!!

  2. your fired…………..lol

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