Sheryl Crow – “Woman in the White House” (New Song!)


Posted on November 1, 2012, in 2012, songs, Uncategorized, woman in the white house. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. This speaks to both my inner country fan and inner feminist. Love it!

  2. This woman always delivers. Can’t wait for a new album.

  3. i miss you sheryl.

  4. I think Sheryl’s song has the answer for our country! I VOTE FOR HER!! 😉

  5. So catchy and fun 🙂

  6. I was expecting to really cringe at this-but I LOVE it. Very catchy.

  7. love her music and voice! this one is not official song only preview 🙂 i wanna her CD soon man!

  8. I’d vote for Loretta Lynn!!!

  9. Tomasz Falkowski

    But i voted for michele bachmann Yeah Baby. But today DC needs Help its are Turn 😀

  10. Yes, We Can Vote for Hillary in 2016! She would be GREAT!

  11. Yes yes yes it’s been too long!!! I’ll get my shovel and high heels …. cha cha cha !!! xXx

  12. I’d vote for Dolly Parton! 😀

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