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The Crow and the Wolf – 4 obscure songs recorded by Sheryl Crow & Todd Wolfe (Early 1990s)

A set of four obscure songs written/performed/recorded by Sheryl Crow and Todd Wolfe (her lead guitarist from 1993 to 1998) about 20 years ago. Enjoy!



Last Laugh

Sway (Stones cover)

16 mb -Mp3/Zip – 128 kbits – stereo

[TV] Sheryl Crow as an undercover cop in “Cop Rock”

Cop Rock, TV Series (1990)

[Memorabilia] Sheryl Crow Vocal Demo Tape (1990)


A vocal demo tape recorded by Sheryl with the help of her good friend Oliver Jay. 818 is the Area Code for the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles, California)

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