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[Live Review] Newcastle, UK – 6 December 1997

December 6, 1997
Newcastle Arena
Newcastle, UK

Review by Jim

Sheryl Crow demonstrated what a talent she is at Newcastle Arena here tonight. Her performance along with that of the rest of the band was excellent. I particularly liked her rendition of “Home” where Sheryl played the keyboard at the front of the stage and presented a haunting version of one of her more recent releases in England. Sheryl showed her versatility by not only playing the guitar but also the keyboard, accordion and harmonica. This, together with her obvious talent for song writing, once again proved my theory that the really good bands write and play there own music. The show lasted for about an hour and forty minutes and among the many songs played I was most impressed with “Leaving Las Vegas”, “If It Makes You Happy” and “Every Day Is A Winding Road”. Appropriately, whilst Sheryl was playing the accordion, the group included the Who’s “Squeeze Box” which went down very well. As you can tell, I was very impressed and would recommend any one to go see Sheryl and the rest of the band if they get the chance. Keep it up Sheryl you were great!!!

[Live Review] Raleigh, North Carolina (USA) – 24 September 1997

September 24, 1997
Walnut Creek Amphitheater
Raleigh, North Carolina

Review by Jason

From the opening chords of “A Change”, I knew it was going to be a special night. Sheryl was dressed in a bright green t-shirt, tight silver bell bottoms, and Adidas. She was very energetic tonight. Tight versions of “Rosalyn”, “Run Baby”, and “Vegas” followed. “If It Makes You Happy” was great, but then the show really got going. “Can’t Cry”, “Hard to Stand”, and “Winding Road”, complete with Sheryl on Harmonica, really rocked. “Maybe Angels” and “Home” were otherworldly. “All I Wanna Do” was pretty standard but “Na-Na” blew the roof off of the place. “I Shall Believe” was a fitting closer. The first encore was the typical “Strong Enough”, with Scout coming out onstage before it! Then the band broke into Elvis’ “Love Me” which was just beautiful. “Money” closed the encores. However, the band came BACK out and finished this night with a stellar “Ordinary Morning”. A night I won’t soon forget!! Can’t wait til next tour!!

[Live Review] Atlanta, Georgia (USA) – 19 September 1997

September 19, 1997
Chastain Park Amphitheater
Atlanta, Georgia

Review by Natty

This was my third time seeing Sheryl in concert and every time just gets better. While the opening band (Michael Penn) was performing she came out on stage dancing in a bathing suit. It was funny because no one knew it was her. She started her set with a kick ass song and continued to rock through the whole show. I love seeing her perform. I get so hyper and I was excited at this show. She played for about two hours and every minute was well worth while. I got the chance to go back stage before she went out and I got to play with Scout, her dog, and I met Michael Penn. I did not get to met her peronsally but I did wave and she wave back to me. The show truly rocked and I can’t wait for her to come back because I’ll be right there in front singing every word to every song!

[Live Review] Nashville, Tennessee (USA) – 17 September 1997

September 17, 1997
Starwood Amphitheater
Nashville, Tennessee

Review by Charlotte

I was thrilled to get to see Sheryl at Starwood Ampitheater in Nashville last night! This was the first time I had seen her live show, and it was totally awesome! She opened with a great version of “Can’t Cry Anymore” and just continued throughout the night with fantastic versions of her hits. One of my personal favorites was “Home”. That song is just wonderful. She ended with “I Shall Believe” and then encored with “Strong Enough”. But that wasn’t all! Emmy Lou Harris walked out on stage and they sang two songs together. Then she closed with the Beatles “Money”. It was a wonderful show. I danced and screamed and jumped around until I was so exhausted. I would defintly go see her again. On a scale of 1-10, this concert earned an 11.5!

[Live Review] St. Louis, Missouri (USA) – 16 September 1997 (#2)

September 16, 1997
Fox Theater
St.Louis, Missouri

Review by Dennis

My wife and I also got the chance to see Sheryl Crow at the Fox Theatre on September 16, 1997 in St. Louis, MO (see also the review by Brian). We had 2nd row seats from the stage in the orchestra pit. It was really an excellent show. I swear, if my wife and I were to have hand picked the songs we wanted to hear, we would not have missed her actual set list by more than 1 or two songs. Among the many she included: If It Makes You Happy, A Change.., Everyday is a Winding Road, Sweet Rosalyn, Can’t Cry.., All I Wanna Do, and blistering versions of Home and Run Baby Run! The “hometown” crowd wanted to get up and dance from the start but unfortunately, the ushers kept making people in the classy Fox theatre sit down until Sheryl told everyone to get up and “shake your ass a little, St. Louis”…the usher’s were then outnumbered! As a Die hard fan of the Rolling Stones, I really enjoy Sheryl’s music and can hear their influence in all she does. It’s good to hear someone continue to carry the “torch” of real bluesy rock-n-roll and look forward to her next album and tour!

[Live Review] St. Louis, Missouri (USA) – 16 September 1997 (#1)

September 16, 1997
Fox Theater
St.Louis, Missouri

Review by Brian

This was my first concert and what made it better was Sheryl Crow. She was gorgeous. I loved her music, the lights, different sounds of her folk music. Being a home town hero, Sheryl loved talking to the crowd of St.Louis, mentioning the town in “Leaving Las Vegas” and always talked to the crowd. Her parents were also there, she loved to joke around with them. I was the fortunate one to go backstage and meet her. She had said she loved being back in St.Louis, her favorite town to tour in, and it always brought back great memories. If you ever get a chance to see her, do not let it slip by, money is not an option, you would definantly want to pay any price to see her.

[Live Review] Houston, Texas (USA) – 13 September 1997

September 13, 1997
Cynthia Woods Outdoor Pavillion
Houston, Texas

Review by The Aultmans

We just got back from Sheryl’s concert at the Cynthia Woods Outdoor Pavillion and she was really on tonight! Sheryl and the band put on a great show and performed all of her best songs. I commented to my wife that “At many concerts you attend the music and vocals just don’t seem the same as the recordings but Sheryl Crow sounded like we had the CD plugged into our stereo!” . We did not realize how versatile a musician she is as she played one of many instruments on all the songs. She played several different guitars, the harmonica and the accordian! Her band is great and as other concert goers have mentioned, there is obvious chemistry between the performers. Sheryl Crow is one of the best concerts we have ever attended! Everyone was on their feet for most of the music and she did not one but two encores.

[Live Review] Mesa, Arizona (USA) – 10 September 1997

September 10, 1997
Mesa Amphitheatre
Mesa, Arizona

Review by David

Sheryl was amazing on stage, she played from 7:11PM to 9:45PM (approx.), she came back to the stage twice. Being that it was 106 degrees (41c) she took her boots off after the first song (Can’t Cry Anymore) and said “Damm, it’s hot”. I was standing right behind the fence, so nobody was in front of me, which was awesome. She was so close, oh wow… Her band is really cool, there are 2 guitar players, 1 bass player, 1 keyboard player and 1 drumer. She played lots of different instruments, from Gibson electric guitars, to Fenders, acoustic Gibsons, etc. She also played the piano, harmonica and accordion. Two bands opened for her, the 1st one “Michael Penn” was awesome, really really cool. The second one was not that great (according to the audience), Wilco. Then she finally came on stage. Just great. Wonderful! She was wearing brown tight jeans and a blue shirt, her hair was the beautiful curly hair we are used to see. Here are the songs, not in order. Only the ones with * are in order:

    Can’t Cry Anymore.*
    Hard to Make a Stand.*
    Leaving Las Vegas*
    A Change
    Sweet Rosalyn
    If It Makes You Happy
    Redemption Day
    Everyday Is A Winding Road
    Run, Baby, Run
    Strong Enough
    The Na-Na Song
    All I Wanna Do
    I Shall Believe
    Ordinary Morning*

As you can see she put on a wonderful show, she also sang a song she “liked to sing but that had nothing to do with it” she said.

[Live Review] Seattle, Washington (USA) – 30 August 1997

 August 30, 1997
Bumbershoot Festival
Seattle, Washington

Review by Anonymous

Sheryl Crow is my favorite singer and I was so excited to see her in concert. I was in the front row waiting impatiently through Wilco’s opening act. Sheryl came out wearing cute flared khakis, a matching jacket, a blue tanktop, sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. The crowd went crazy. Over the course of the performance, she took off the jacket, hat, and glasses. She opened with “If It Makes You Happy.” It made me very happy. She switched the words around a bit (instead of Marilyn’s shampoo, Marilyn’s hairspray) as she did in “Winding Road” when she claimed to be “living on coffee and Marlboro Lights” and in “All I Wanna Do” when she said “this ain’t no disco and it ain’t no country club either, and thank Bhudda it’s not LA.” I got a kick out of that. Her preformance of “A Change” was especially impressive. She and her guitarist jumped up and down during the beginning guitar portion. I had never heard “Run Baby Run” before I heard her play it on stage and I was just like WOW. I went home and listened to it on CD and it just wasn’t the same. As an encore, Sheryl did “Strong Enough” and brought out Wilco and Joan Osborne (surprise!) for a really cool version of “Money (That’s What I Want).” The truly amazing thing was that she did an entire hour and a half of singing without taking one sip of water. After the concert, I was an even bigger fan (if that’s possible) and I can’t wait to see her again!

[Live Review] Kansas City, Missouri (USA) – 26 August 1997

August 26, 1997
Kansas City, Missouri

Review by Angie

Well the concert was great! Her opening acts were Micheal Penn, and Wilco. She opened up with “Can’t Cry Anymore.” Some of the other songs she sung was “The Na Na Song”, “All I Wanna Do”, “I Shall Believe”, “If It Makes You Happy”, “Everyday is a Winding Road”, “Home” (which is her new single), “Sweet Rosalyn”, “Hard to Make a Stand”, “A Change”, “Run Baby Run”. She sang a new song and she said that they hadn’t performed before live! She didn’t say the name of it but I think that the name is something like “Shackin'”. She did two encores. For the first one she sang an elvis song, “Strong Enough”, “Money (That’s What I Want.” For her second encore she sang a song with Wilco. The members of wilco had these crow masks on and they looked funny, well that was so funny!!! I guess you had to see it! Well my inpression of the concert was it was the best concert I have been to since she was last her in Kansas City!!!! SHERYL CROW ROCKS AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER AGAIN IN CONCERT!!

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