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[Audio] “Safe and Sound” (K-Pax version) + credits

“Still” (Studio)

Song written for the soundtrack of the indie mockumentary “Dill Scallion” (1999)

“Love Is A Good Thing”, first original studio version (From the ending credits of “Head Over Water”)

Basically it’s a hybrid between the original live version and the one recorded in studio for the Sheryl Crow album (listen to the “love, love, love” chorus part).

Bluesy riffs courtesy of Todd Wolfe 🙂

From the ending credits of the 1996 movie “Head Over Water”, starring Cameron Diaz, Harvey Keitel and Billy Zane.

Some further details:

“That was in the live set every night, and it was a rock anthem,” he asserts (Todd Wolfe). “Sheryl did this primaly scream thing in the break and it would always get crowd going. People didn’t know what the song was, the second album wasn’t out yet, but for me it play it like that. I was like “Why?” and she said “it’s been done like that, ” to which I said, “Well, not on record it hasn’t.” If you listen to the version played at Woodstock, it just not make use o that is, I think, a little bit crazy.”

In its subsequently funkier, less anthemic form, the recording of “Love Is A Good Thing” still attracted plenty of attention when the Sheryl Crow album was released, although this was due to its lyrical content rather than the reasons that Todd Wolfe had envisaged.

(Source: “No Fool To This Game”)

Point Break music video – “Hundreds of Tears” (1991)


[Audio] “Welcome to the Real Life” (outtake from the “Unreleased Album”, 1991)

The movie clip:

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