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Tony Bennett & Sheryl Crow – “The Girl I Love” (from Duets II)

From “Duets II

Sheryl Crow – “Carolina” (Studio)

Sheryl Crow – “Subway Ride” (1998)

A cool hidden track from The Globe Session record


I was riding on the E-train
I was whistleing to the rhythm
I was thinking ’bout my live-in
I was feeling pretty fine
I asked the time
Got a poke in the eye

When I read the latest news
How we can’t believe he wore those shoes
Should we have the man impeached
Or should we shoot him in the foot

Well you waste my time
You waste my time
Looking for two hundred ways to hang a guy

Then more taxation
National pastime is aggravation
I think I’ll move out to a desert isle
Just for a while

To avoid
All that’s distracting
Like newspapers and magazines
Insipid propagandizing
To tell me what a loser I’ve elected
But you’ve neglected to tell the truth
That your politics is tied around his foot
And we, too, are dangling

Do you think that we are crazy
Low IQ, that we are lazy,
That we sit here watching sitcoms,
That we have no clue to what is going on
You’ve got that wrong
Wait and see, the boom will fall
The morning eggs will hit the wall
And everyone I know will call
To say that change is hanging in the air

You’d best beware
Or you’ll wake up and Average Joe is in your chair
Just because he’d kind of like to do what’s right
But mostly ’cause all you politicians do is fight

doo doo I was seeing out a refrain Doo doo doo doo

Sheryl Crow – “Monkey Mind” (1998)

You Monkey Mind!

Scott Weiland – “Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down” (Feat. Sheryl Crow on accordion)

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