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The Crow and the Wolf – 4 obscure songs recorded by Sheryl Crow & Todd Wolfe (Early 1990s)

A set of four obscure songs written/performed/recorded by Sheryl Crow and Todd Wolfe (her lead guitarist from 1993 to 1998) about 20 years ago. Enjoy!



Last Laugh

Sway (Stones cover)

16 mb -Mp3/Zip – 128 kbits – stereo

Point Break music video – “Hundreds of Tears” (1991)


“Heal Somebody” (from the movie “Bright Angel”)

“Heal Somebody” is arguably the first Sheryl Crow song appeared in a movie. It was penned by Sheryl and David Batteau in 1989/1990 and it was included in the soundtrack of “Bright Angel”, a 1990 thriller film directed by Michael Fields and starring Dermot Mulroney, Lili Taylor and Sam Shepard.
Unfortunately, this song was never released on CD or cassette, so it is currently unavailable. You can barely hear it in the background in the following clip:
“Heal Somebody”
Year: 1989/1990
Performed by Sheryl Crow
Authors/Composers: Sheryl Crow (BMI) and David Batteau (ASCAP)
Produced by Richard Feldman & David Batteau
BMI s/n: #2443436
Published by Old Crow Publishing (BMI) & Stickystamp Music (ASCAP), Xayas Music (ASCAP) & Wavecrest Songs (ASCAP)
– Release Dates for “Bright Angel” –
Italy  November 1990  (Turin International Youth Festival)
Finland  7 June 1991  
USA  14 June 1991  (New York City, New York)
USA  14 June 1991  (Los Angeles, California)

Kenny Loggins & Sheryl Crow – “I Would Do Anything” (1991)

This is the first duet song recorded by Sheryl Crow. It’s a tender love ballad written and composed in 1991 for the Kenny Loggins’ album “Leap of Faith” (Columbia). Ten years before the massive hit “Picture”.

[Audio] “Welcome to the Real Life” (outtake from the “Unreleased Album”, 1991)

The movie clip:

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