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Sheryl Crow – “The Difficult Kind” – Multi-Angle Soundcheck (2011-07-28)

“The Difficult Kind”
Fox Theater
Bakersfield, California (USA)
28 July 2011

Sheryl Crow – “The Difficult Kind” (LIVE, 2008-10-24)

“The Difficult Kind”
John Labatt Center
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
24 September 2008

I reuploaded this because Chris Hudson closed his YouTube account. It’s one of the best rendition so far. The tone of Sheryl’s voice is crystal clear and the arrangement is haunting. Great performance. Filmed by Chris Hudson.

Sheryl Crow – “The Difficult Kind” – “Home” – “Weather Channel” (Live, 2002)

“The Difficult” Kind” – “Home” – “Weather Channel”
Nippon Budokan Hall
Tokyo, Japan
24 October 2002

Sheryl Crow – “The Difficult Kind” (Live, Rock in Rio) with Lorenza Ponce

Rock in Rio
Rock City
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20 January 2001

– Band –

Sheryl Crow (vocals, guitars)
Peter Stroud (guitars; bg vocals)
Tim Smith (bass; guitars)
Mike Rowe (keyboards)
Jim Bogios (drums)
Lorenza Ponce (violin; guitar)
Matthew Brubeck (cello)

Sheryl Crow on Today Show 1999 Concert Series (Interview + 3 Songs)

“Everyday is a Winding Road”
“The Difficult Kind”
“If It Makes You Happy”

Today Show 1999 Concert Series
Rockefeller Plaza
New York City, New York, NY
6 August 1999
17m 25s

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